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A shared heritage of values and expertise

High computer specialization, synergic design approach, and innovation culture are the shared values within the M&C Solution Canter, where they collaborate with 3 areas of excellence with multidisciplinary managerial skills, coupled with the great desire to take customers on the road to technological growth, improve their competitiveness on the market, enhance their activities and accelerating business processes, in a more dynamic and interactive way.



It is the area dedicated to specialist support. Teams work both centrally and at the locations of each customer throughout the country. Within the area, Software Control Distribution services are also delivered to manage the entire lifecycle of basic software installed on workstations, and Asset Management for managing all corporate items.


This is the specialized area in Consulting for toolkit and procedures of IT-Service Management with functional (ITSM, ITIL, PMI) and instrumental (BMC, HP, CA, Microsoft, .NET) process skills. Component resources are certified on different typologies and processes, including ITIL products and best practices.


It is the area dedicated to customer service, is comprises of a team of highly trained and experienced technicians, constantly up to date, with continuous training focused on both technological and customer-specific perspectives. The service operates through remote control of PdL with tools available at the "Service Desk" Competence Center.


M&C Management & Consulting in a consulting and services company active in the Information Technology field, specialized in the study, realization and management of complex projects.

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M&C strength is to support its customers by following them through the entire development and technological innovation pathway, and by providing a wide range of high-level consultancy services, resulting from profound ICT experience.

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Thanks to the strong technological know-how and the expertise gained in the industry, M&C has developed an innovative software and application solution that meets the growing security needs and high business performance.

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